In a world of constant change, it is critical for organizations to quickly turn ideas and new technologies into successful business results. Lumina can assist you by making these new technologies and ideas readily accessible through our consultants.
Assigned to work together with your company professionals, Lumina consultants leverage your organization's skills, working with the successful approach of knowledge catalysts.
This approach makes it possible for your organization to pragmatically achieve its objectives while the new knowledge matures and spreads among your professionals. Working at the visionary, strategic, tactical, and operational levels, our consultants foster corporate alignment and help new approaches become pervasive within your company.
# Lumina open Java trainning, UML and Use Case Point.
# Ingram prized Lumina for performance.
# Lumina participed as expositor of IBM Developer Works Live! in San Francisco, California.
# Lumina received prize from Rational as revelation partner in 2001!