Depending on the core strategy of your organization, outsourcing development may be essential to remain competitive. Understanding this need, Lumina offers integrated development services that make it possible for your organization to deliver groundbreaking high-quality products reliably and on time.
From software requirements to deployment, we can help you all the way, even if your organization just needs assistance on a specific software discipline. We assign special teams of skilled software engineers that take the artifacts made within your company and turn them into assets to be pipelined to the next stage, where you need them refined.
Our high-quality software factory services are good examples of this approach applied at the implementation level. You send us the design specs and we get the job done. The product is delivered on time to you with Lumina's seal of quality and excellence.
# Lumina open Java trainning, UML and Use Case Point.
# Ingram prized Lumina for performance.
# Lumina participed as expositor of IBM Developer Works Live! in San Francisco, California.
# Lumina received prize from Rational as revelation partner in 2001!