In order to give our clients the guarantee of a commitment to innovation, we have teamed up with companies with worldwide recognition for their research in and development of high-end technology. Through these partnerships, we can provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology, offering them a complete solution which will help them reach their business goals.

# IBM   Lumina is an IBM Business Partner, providing solutions on the main IBM software platforms. We also rely on an in-house team of professionals trained to carry out implementation and development services using these tools.

# Rational   As a Rational Unified Partner, Lumina is a Rational Systems Integrator, as well as an Education and Training partner. We possess a highly qualified team, certified in Rational products and trained to help our clients achieve the best results in software development and implementation.
# Lumina open Java trainning, UML and Use Case Point.
# Ingram prized Lumina for performance.
# Lumina participed as expositor of IBM Developer Works Live! in San Francisco, California.
# Lumina received prize from Rational as revelation partner in 2001!